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Up untill now, all is well !!

Dernière mise à jour : 9 avr. 2019

And that's a good thing ! If you want to have a good time and a smile on your face all the time , you can see the film whith the french title : " Jusqu'ici tout va bien" It's not a master piece but it's very pleasant. The story is about life in the suburbs. The movie is a comedy and is very warmhearted. The boss of a communication agency has his office in Paris but he lies because tax-wise he is registered in La Courneuve and obtains funding from the governement in this way. The tax authorities make the man leave Paris and go to La Courneuve.

Enjoy !!

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08 abr 2019

I've not seen this film yet but I remember another film with Gilles Lelouche, film named "A piece of cake". The caracter of Gilles Lelouche seems very close to what I saw in the trailer. In the Cédric Kapish'film, he is a stockexchange broker and employes an housewife (Karin Viard) from a totally different social background.

Me gusta
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