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Recipe of Thousand leaf with tomatoes

Hi everbody ! I'm a new student. My name is Viviane and here is my recipe of the day :

- Four tomatoes / Two zucchini / Two "crottins" of goat / and a litte oregano

Cut into slice tomatoes, zucchini and "crottins" of goat.

Assemble the slices by alternating the tomatoes, the zucchini and the "crottins" of goat.

Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

Take out of the oven, put a splash of olive oil and a little oregano.

This recipe was taken from the book of Jean-François MALLET, called "Simplissime"

Bonne appétit !

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Your Teacher
Your Teacher
25 Mar 2019

Great simple recipe Viviane, thanks for sharing it! I can almost taste it, with a nice bit of baguette! #simplerecipesarethebest #qualityingredients


24 Mar 2019

Oh i want to try when the season of tomatoes will going !


24 Mar 2019

Thank you Viviane for this vegetarian recipe, it seems to be delicious and really very easy ! I can't wait for the tomatoes season to come to try it !

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