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Our dear Belgian neighbours !

Uselly French people love to joke about Belgium, for example :

But I found some Belgian jokes about French people that show that we are really very closed !

How do you call someone who speakes just one langage ?

Why do French people love jokes about Belgian people ?

Try to guess !

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Apr 01, 2019

Thank you Gabriel, I have my word for the boumrang game tonight !!!


Apr 01, 2019

For the first one : French people ? I knew the second one :)

One for you : some animals talk in the jungle about holidays. The panther says "I'm black, my wife is black we'll go in Mali". The meerkat says "I'm small, my wife is small, we'll go at the pygmies's". And the crocodile says "I have a big mouth, my wife have a big mouth, we'll go to France" (I don't know if it's a belgian joke)

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