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No, it's not a story about horses. I really don't know why the film Mustang is named like that. Maybe because horses need freedom just like the teenagers'girls of this film.

It's the story of five sisters somewhere in Turkey at the beginning of the summer vacation. They are children yet, they want to enjoy life but adults already see them as women, women to change in future spouses, good housewifes.

Despite all, the young girls resist, each one in a different way with a strong energy. It's a difficult story, with hard times but also sometimes funny moments.

I particularly liked the way Deniz Gamza Ergürem, the director, filmed the children.

This movie was her first film. It was realized in 2015 and presented at the Festival of Cannes the same year. It was selected to represent France at the Hollywood Oscar awards.

Deniz Gamza Ergürem who is both French and Turkish has grown up between Paris, Ankara and the USA. She knows well American culture and had made a second film in 2017 about the riots in Los Angeles in 1992, named Kings. It's very different from Mustang but it's also a very good film.

If you don't know Deniz Gamza Ergürem yet, I advice you to watch Mustang or Kings or better both of them !!!

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Oh I seen this movie and I loved it !

I never seen Kings, I will see it !

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