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USA in Paris Challenge - Welcome!

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mai 2018

Join us for an American Culture Scavenger Hunt Challenge in Paris!

Join our adult class students as they set off to explore American Culture in Paris and solve the mystery of the Nubian princess!

Students should wear comfortable shoes as they set off to meet Americans, visit American restaurants and historical sites all around Paris.

Get ready for an American adventure in Paris!

A 100% USA BBQ celebration is planned for our last class on June 25th at your teacher's house! But we have a problem! Our guest of honor, a Nubian princess, has gone missing… We need her to make the party a success! But it won’t be easy to find her as she goes by many names and has several identities…

She was last seen one morning a few weeks ago at Paris New York (PNY) in the Marais. She then took a walk along the Seine… And she has not been seen since.

How does it work? You need to read the next post with the CLUE LIST. You must find as many clues as you can from this list including, if you can, the last clue about our special guest...a very special American-Nubian princess ! The student with the most points will win a prize to be awarded at our BBQ! So take your phone, your camera and your BRAIN and get searching!

Good luck!

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2 Kommentare

Viviane NELSON
18. März 2019

Hi everyone!

Gefällt mir

27. Mai 2018

This is so cool - what a great idea!! I can't wait to start.....

Gefällt mir
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