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Little survey about American literature

The last tests are not the easier ....

How to find English-speaking people ?

In the street, at the entrance of Rambuteau tube station, I met Heidi, an American tourist from South Carolina : her favorite book is the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

or waiting for the bus close to the Eiffel Tour, a real mine to find American tourists I met two girls. The first one, from Texas, told me to love Shinning by Stephen King and the other, from Arizona, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

But for these three people, you must believe on my word because I didn't dare to take a picture or to record ...

At the Harry's bar : I met Matt, from Colorado. He spoke me about Into the wild by John Krakauer and accepted to be photographied !

But I've also cheat a little asking to my American friends living in Denmark about theirs favorite books. For Sara, it's also F. Scott Fitzgerald (but I can't read the tittle) and for Lucy, 15 years old, it's 50 Cent's Playground (a famous New Yorker Hip Hop composer).

And Cherry on the cake ??? I've interviewed Ailish, the very nice mother of Ruben, one of my former pupil, from Cardiff (Wales) but I didn't succeded yet to put the video on line !!! Her favorite book is The secret history by Donna Tartt.

No news about someone from CALIFORNIA !!!

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Hi Bill


Your Teacher
Your Teacher
Jun 27, 2018

One of my other favorites is THE CORRECTIONS by Jonathan Frazen !


Your Teacher
Your Teacher
Jun 27, 2018

I love THE GLASS CASTLE!!! So good!!!

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