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Let's go ! I'm training to be a movie critic ...

Yesterday night we watched in family "Everything is illuminated" warmly recommended by Gabriel. Feelings have been very different according each of us. My daughter felt asleep after one hour. My husband missed the beginning and didn't really enter in the story. I am the only one to have enjoyed the movie !

The story is very sensitive, it's about the intimity of families'stories and the characters are almost introverted. In the same time, it can seem burlesque (because of the music or comical situations) and very deep and all in restraint. I liked that all the charaters are in fact concerned by this resarch of the past, impacted by what they found and deeply changed at the end.

It's both the remain of the Tragic Story of Word War II and the learning that the past is never finished. With the memories, it's still alive for former generations.

My favorite character has been "Sammy Davis Junior Junior" !

As Gabriel, I recommend "Everything is illuminated"

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Your Teacher
Your Teacher
Apr 15, 2019

Thanks for the great family review Claire! I definitely want to see it now!

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