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Lenny Kravitz 'painting

Do you see this painting ? I will tell you a incredible story !

I bought this painting when I was for the first time at the professional antik market and it was my first purchase !

It was 6 years ago !

I set it in my shop and during the day, I go for buying a water bottle in the store and in the same time my phone ring. But I don't manege to take it and I miss the call. I come back to my shop, and all my neighbors say to me : You missed Lenny Kravitz, I phoned you ! He wanted your painting !

It was a disaster !

This story is 6 years old and I never sold this painting !

Last week,in my shop there was a women who was whatching my painting and she asked me for the price. In the same time she slaped on her phone. To boost the sale, I tell her the story and she answer me that she works for Lenny Kravitz and she is sending him photos of things that she buy for him !

I tell her if Lenny Kravitz remeber this painting and she answer that he is exited !

It was fantastic ! The story was that this painting waits for Lenny Kravitz !

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Jul 15, 2019

I love these story !


Your Teacher
Your Teacher
Jul 15, 2019

Amazing story Florence!

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