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Everything Is Illuminated

In 2005, I don't remember why, I went to a little theater, far away to my home, to see a movie called Everything is illuminated. I felt in love with this movie. I returned three times to watch it in this theater (it was showed in only five theater in France !).

It's about a young jewish from New York who goes to Ukraine to research the woman who saved his grandfather while World War II.

The story is not important as all the good movies. Musics are very good (listen this one for example) and I like how it's filmed, how characters are, the dialogues... Actors are very good (the main actor is Elijah Wood, you probably seen him in Lord of rings). We laught a lot (let's watch the very good scene about vegetarian food) and we cry too. It's so beautiful.

I ordered the DVD in another country (never been sell in France) but it's in Zone 1.

I had read the book (it's very different but very good too). And after I had read all books of this author, Jonathan Safran Foer, now he's my favorite author.

When my partner and I had search a name for our first daughter, we thinked about Augustine, like the woman Jonathan searched in the movie... Maybe it's not voluntary... maybe it's...

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Apr 09, 2019

When I see the part of movie everything is illuminated , It 's give envi to see ! And the name Augustine is very good ! The girl in the movie is beautiful !!


Apr 08, 2019

Of course ! Can you read Zone 1 DVD ?


Apr 07, 2019

After this illuminated critic, I really want to see this movie. If you don't mind, may I borrow you the DVD ?

#gladtosharegoodtime #oktolendyouinreturn

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