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A very good cake... without gluten !

I'm not gluten intolerant, but I have two friends who are. So I love to make this cake for her (I must search a new recipe... I always do the same cake for them !)

INGREDIENTS (for a 20 cm dish) 

- 180g  of cooked potatoes (no no it's not an error with my english ! it's really potatoes !) - 125g of almond powder - 1 and 1/2 tea spoon of baking powder (be careful to choose without gluten free if it's for gluten intolerant people) - 125g of sugar - 40g of butter (not hard, get out it on your fridge before) - 3 eggs - 1 lemon or 1 orange organic (before you use skin, never use skin of lemon or orange not organic !) - 75 g of chocolate (or raisin)


- spead almond powder in a big dish and put 15 minutes in hover in 150°. It must be thin, it's for roast - After that, put your oven on 180°C to heat it - Cook on water 180 g of potatoes and make mash pototaes but no piece of pototaes, all must be crush ! - take the zest of lemon or orange and his juice - Mix in a dish butter and sugar very strong, then add zest - Add now eggs one by one and mix between every add - Add almond powder, baking powder then pototaes, 7cl of juice (lemon or orange) and chocolat (repicipe advise nugget but I prefer cut piece of a very good chocolat) - Pu in the dish to oven on a paper for cook - Bake it 45/50 minutes (the top must be golden) - Get it of the dish and let it be colder on a grille

It's soft, tasty, I love it ! And you can play to "guess what is in this cake !"

#cake #glutenfree #yummy #howtousepotatoesinasweetrecipe #acakewithpotatoesareyoucrazy

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